Accelerating and sustaining of progress in science will not be possible without national and global support to a long-term process of strengthening systemic and organizational capacities. For these to be achieved leadership, at all levels, and from a variety of perspectives, is fundamentally important for creating and sustaining momentum and for conversion of that momentum into results on the ground. To substantially contribute to acceleration of improvements in science it is essential to disseminate knowledge to all without any barriers. International Association of Researcher in Applied Science mission is to produce knowledge that fosters a better understanding of global problems. As a community of scholars in the academy we are committed to advancing insight and debate in the social sciences and humanities. As a community of publicly engaged scholars, we also seek to enrich policy debates at the international and local level, in particular those involving international actors.

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Nam pulvinar vitae neque et porttitor. Praesent sed nisi eleifend. Nam pulvinar vitae neque et porttitor. Praesent sed nisi eleifend.

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Muhammad Wasim Sajid


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shahzad saleem

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Sahiwal, Pakistan

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Dr. Awais Ihsan

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Sahiwal

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Dr. Asim Mehmood

University of Agriculture Faisalabad

team member
Dr. Muhammad Nadeem

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Vehari Campus